Trend Wall

What’s your perfect space? A quiet, private office clad in wood veneer? A beautiful glass conference room? A creative hotspot where you freely sketch ideas floor-to-ceiling? Maybe it’s a simple, practical shared place in a beautiful environment. Whatever your vision, Volo brings your space to life with speed, ease, and performance.

Volo can create the aesthetic of custom millwork or perform like traditional drywall, with the practical advantages of movable walls. The unitized, non-progressive construction allows fast installation and reconfiguration. As an added advantage, Movable Walls can usually be depreciated much faster than drywall — ask your accountant.

Product Info


  • Highly sustainable solution for space division
  • Integrates with existing building interiors and systems furniture
  • Simple installation practically eliminates construction waste
  • Reconfigures fast without demolition and little impact to floors or ceilings
  • Ideal for creating office space within manufacturing settings
  • Surface material and glazing options provide design flexibility
  • Robust cable management through vertical pilasters
  • 4″ Base power distribution and access
  • SCS Indoor Advantage certification on all components
  • Can contribute to LEED points
  • BIFMA level 2 certified for sustainability
  • Movable walls can usually be depreciated much faster than drywall—ask your accountant

Variations & Options

Panel selections let you fine-tune how much visibility you want.

  • Solid
  • Glazed
  • Variable
  • Ceiling

Solid Panel

Sliding Window Panel


High Lite

Door Lite

Window Lite

Full Lite

  • Full Height Panels
  • Door Height Panels – Top Glass
  • Door Height Panels – Top Solid

Full Height

Full Height 4

Door Height Glass Top 2

Door Height Solid Top

Door Height Solid Top 4

Full Height 2

Full Height 5

Door Height Glass Top 3

Door Height Solid Top 2

Full Height 3

Door Height Glass Top

Door Height Glass Top 4

Door Height Solid Top 3

Choose Swing Doors with just the right degree of privacy.

  • Solid
  • Window
  • Vision
  • Full Lite
  • Full Lite with Transom
  • Solid Double


Full Lite


Full Lite & Transom


Solid Double

Choose Sliding Doors with just the right degree of privacy.

  • Solid
  • Full Lite

Full Lite Sliding Door

Solid Sliding Door

  • Lever set Swing Door Pull, locking or non-locking
  • 18″ Post Pull for Sliding Doors, locking or non-locking

TrendWall Lever Lockset

18" Post Pull