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Aguila office solutions attends to every single customer personally, by paying attention to detail, being courteous, respectful, honest, friendly, and tailors each request per the customers demand.

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Aguila Office Solutions Provides a Full service, starting by Furniture consultation to Space planing to Delivering and Installing your Furniture. we at Aguila Office Solutions believed that in order for a project to be successful we need to understand and come up for a solution for our customers.

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  Luis took very good care of me! Needed to get my office chair disassembled which he did very easily at no charge. I also bought a high quality office chair from here. Would highly recommend!

thumb Richie K.

  Needed a repair on an office chair. Got a quoted response very quickly. An entire piece of the chair had to be replaced. I only had to pay for the material. Very accommodating and kind staff.

thumb Suzy A.

  So, I put out a request for service via Yelp to see if I could have a office chair repaired (cylinder not holding).... request went to 5 companies and 4 of them just said they dont do this, or just buy a new chair.... Luis at Aguila not only called me, but was willing to come to my house, look at the chair, and see if it was possible to fix it... he came by, checked it out, siad he thought he could get a new cylinder, and would get back to me.... over the next week, he was unable to order one, but came by again, took pictures of the part, and again went to work seeing if he could find a way to fix it (all of this was no charge). Long story short, it did not work out but I asked him (he did not attempt to sell me), if he had chairs that I could look (I asked about a catalog)... he then said he felt like he had a couple of possibilities, and he would again, come by my house so I could look at them..... both chairs were great, and I ended up getting one at a reduced a price... Luis has been amazing and has gone above and beyond in providing great customer service... he takes the responsibility of being a small business owner seriously, and really works hard to earn your business.

thumb Mark K.
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